Small Trees For A Small Yard

Redbud Tree
The Beautiful Redbud Tree

Trees add a new dimension to your lawn. They bring out a more overall finished and tailored look. Choosing the right tree and shrub for your lawn requires lots of research. It is advisable that the trees and shrubs you choose should be small. The tree branches should not block your windows or scrape your roof. They should also not obstruct cables or grow into your neighbor’s compound.

Here is a list of small trees suitable for landscaping your small lawn.

Amur Maple

This is a low growing tree with excellent colored leaves. It grows to the height of twenty to thirty feet. It has an upright, rounded and finely branched growth habit that creates a dense shade under the crown. Pruning is done early in life to prevent excessive branching. It grows rapidly hence suited for your lawn.


This tree grows well in sunny and well aerated locations. It is a low growing tree, reaching to a height of twenty feet. Some species of Crabapple have good fall color and mostly are grown for their showy flowers and brightly colored fruits.

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud is a rapid to medium grower reaching heights of twenty to thirty feet. It has red twigs and beautiful, shimmering purples flowers that appear in spring. It forms a graceful vase shape as it gets older hence providing good cover from the weather elements.

Flowering Dogwood

This tree can have one central trunk or be multi trunked. It grows up to twenty to thirty feet. Its brightly colored flowers are appealing .the lower branches are horizontal lending a striking horizontal impact to the landscape.

Golden Rain-tree

This tree grows from thirty to forty and has a vase shape or an irregular shaped globe. Grows well in a wide range of soils. Due to its upright shape, it provides little shade. It can survive dryness and bears large panicles of bright yellow flowers.

Hedge Maple

This is a low branched tree with a rounded form. It has numerous, slender branches which can be controlled by pruning. It reaches heights of thirty to thirty five feet. However, it is a slow grower hence not recommended for temporary residence. Its small size and dense shade makes it suitable as a patio or yard shade.

Saucer Magnolia

Its bright colors make it a striking tree both in summer and winter. It has a rounded shape with branches originating close to the ground. It grows up to thirty feet though its growth depends on its location. In its native forest habitat, it can grow up to seventy five feet.

Southern Hawthorn

The southern hawthorn reaches twenty to thirty feet in height and spread. It is very dense and thorny hence suitable for use as a hedge or a screen. The leaves change from a dark green to bronze then red and finally gold before falling off. This provides an array of beautiful colors to brighten up your lawn. In winter, the white blooms are followed by red fruits making the southern hawthorn a striking tree to have in your lawn.

Landscaping trees should be pruned regularly to bring out an excellent beautiful view to your lawn.