His Highness Sheikh Mohammed – a visionary leader

A host of other cultural projects were also launched, including the Muhammad the Messenger Museum, the Universal Museums project and the Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens. Sheikh Mohammed set out his comprehensive world view in his book ‘My Vision’, where he describes his philosophy and his political and economic vision. He also offers a detailed account of how Dubai and the UAE have been guided to their present-day status as international centres, renowned for their high quality commercial and financial services, luxury tourism and their drive towards sustainable human and structural development.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens video

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens capture the spirit of Civic Design, creating new hope for the Middle East by restoring the soul of Arabian civilization to the heart of its cities.
A literal translation of the astrolabe’s ornate brass rete, the city’s parks and gardens form a lush green net that catches all the cultural and residential districts within its spreading strands.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens unveiled in Dubai

Extending over 800 million square feet, the project incorporates new homes, outstanding educational, financial and commercial facilities, iconic civic buildings and tourist landmarks. Threading them together is more landscaped parkland than can be found in London and New York combined.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens, an ambitious AED 200bn parks project

Commenting on the Gardens Project, Dr Abdullah Al Amiri, Chairman of the Emirates Energy Awards, organized by the Dubai Quality Group, said, “The UAE has alway blazed a bright trail in maintaining ecological integrity, in keeping with the directives of HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.”

Top 8 Skyscrapers That Will Push the Limits of Design

The Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest tower in the world, officially opened in Dubai on Jan. 4 amid an impressive pyrotechnics display that highlighted the tower’s 2716.5-feet of aluminum and steel, and its 26,000 hand-cut glass panels. The Burj Khalifa blows away the next-nearest skyscraper, which is Taiwan’s 1670-foot Taipei 101, and the building has even surpassed ultra-tall, ground-cable-supported radio antennas.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Garden City: A Civic Design Masterpiece

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens represent the most innovative approach to urban form to be found anywhere in the Middle East. Celebrating the intricate geometry of Arabian art and science its 56 million square feet of verdant parks and gardens divide an 880 million square foot city into a network of sustainable neighbourhoods, each containing the molecule of daily life.

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